Anyone Injured in a Baltimore Auto Accident Needs Expert Legal Representation

Baltimore is famous for a number of things, including soft-shelled crabs, the Baltimore Ravens and a hard-working port that has played an important part in the commerce of the nation. Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” when he witnessed the British bombarding Baltimore during the War of 1812. Our national anthem recounts the story of the American flag flying proudly the next morning from Fort McHenry after successfully defending Baltimore.

People who live in Baltimore would be more likely to say that Baltimore is famous for traffic and auto accidents. The large number of trucks regularly using the roads and highways account for a significant number of truck-auto accidents. While most truck drivers are experienced and responsible behnid the wheel, not all are. Lack of sleep or inattention can impair the driving skills of any driver. When a car is involved in an accident with a truck, injuries to the occupants of the car are severe and can be fatal.

Anyone involved in this type of accident is going to need significant assistance in order to recover. Medical bills alone will be substantial. The trucking company’s insurance company will send a representative with an offer that may seem at first to be adequate. However, it will not be. An experienced attorney should be retained so that future expenses can be met. Accepting an inadequate offer can leave the family unable to recover from the financial and physical hardships caused by the accident. Accidents victims will not be able to work for an unknown period of time; in some cases, they may never be able to return to their jobs. Ongoing medical expenses are often much higher than anticipated. There is too much involved to trust to an attorney who does not have the required experience or skills.

Jack J. Schmerling, Attorney at Law has over 38 years of experience in assisting injured people to receive the compensation they are due in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding communities. Annapolis Magazine voted him #1 in Referrals by Lawyers and Judges in Anne Arundel County, attesting to his good reputation with his peers. Anyone who has been injured in a Baltimore Auto Accident should consider consulting this experienced and skilled attorney to find out how he can help them.


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