3 Ways Disability Attorneys In Kansas City Can Help

In order for a person to receive Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), several criteria must be met. The individual must have worked for a qualifying number of years to earn at least 40 work credits, with 20 of those being earned over the last 10 years.

The individual must also have a qualifying disability. This is a disability that will last at least one year and prevents the person from working at their latest job or any other type of job. Unfortunately, the majority of people in Kansas City applying for Social Security disability and meeting these criteria still get a denial of benefits letter.

If you receive a denial of benefits letter, make an appointment with a specialized law firm providing experienced disability attorneys. These disability attorneys are instrumental in assisting both workers and their families throughout the appeals process.

Provide a Free Case Evaluation

The first step that these attorneys provide is a free evaluation of your case. Be sure to bring a copy of the original application, if you have it, as well as the denial letter. The attorney can pinpoint what is needed or missing from the application and then discuss your options to move forward with the appeal.

Get the Necessary Medical Documentation

Not all medical doctors are familiar with the specific language and the documents required by the Social Security disability process. With some conditions, including mental health issues, neurological conditions, or syndromes, specialists may be required to provide the necessary documentation.
Disability attorneys can provide guidance to their clients to schedule appointments with the medical professionals best suited to provide the documentation needed.

Assist Overwhelmed Family Members

In some cases, including strokes, neurological disorders, cancers, and other life-threatening conditions, the family members in Kansas City may have to complete the application or begin the appeals process. In these situations, working with an attorney can make the process as easy as possible, giving you time to spend with your loved.

At Grundy Disability Group, LLC, we are available disability attorneys with a long history of helping our clients throughout the Kansas City area. To learn more about our legal services, see us at grundydisabilitygroup.com.