8 Defensive Driving Tips From the Auto Accident Lawyers

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Personal Injury

Some accidents are preventable. One of those preventable accidents could be the accident that didn’t kill you or someone you love. Defensive driving is one of the primary ways of preventing an auto accident, say auto accident lawyers.

Defensive drivers make only two assumptions:

  • Other drivers got their driving licenses from a cereal box
  • Other drivers are either totally clueless, distracted or homicidal maniacs

This leads directly to Defensive Driving Tips.

1. Never assume that the other driver sees you, especially if you are driving a small car. The driver might be talking on the phone, looking for dropped change on the floor, turning around to yell at the kids or is half asleep.

2. Never assume that the other driver will react as you expect. They might not even notice what you have done.

3. Just because someone has their turn signal on does not mean they are turning. The turn signal might indicate a left turn, but instead they suddenly swerve right.

4. Always leave yourself enough room to maneuver when you have to stop behind another vehicle. If you’re tight on the bumper of the car in front, you can’t move until they do. Leave a car length between between you and the car in front.

5. Trying to save a few seconds by beating the red light will cost you big-time sooner or later. If lucky, you’ll get caught and pay a fine; if not so lucky, you’ll be broadsided by an oncoming car. Big Brother has lots of cameras, so it’s getting harder to beat red lights anyway.

6. Don’t be part of a road rage incident on the evening news. No matter how angry you are at the other driver, play it safe; he or she might be the homicidal maniac.

7. Don’t let rush hour get you into a nervous frenzy. It is what it is. Listen to relaxing music or an audio book and go with the flow.

8. Keep looking at what’s ahead of you. If you spot construction or an accident early enough, you can avoid panic stops and an accident.

If another driver injures you in an auto accident, in spite of your defensive driving habits, talk to auto accident lawyers and find out your legal options. You deserve to be compensated for another’s negligence. The experienced and dedicated attorneys at Business Name can be contacted at website URL

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