A Domestic Violence Lawyer Offers Assistance to Those Most in Need

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Battered individuals suffer long-term consequences because of the abuse they have suffered; in fact, many experts believe they have yet to fully understand the impact of violence in the home on all family members. Most associate this type of violence with physical injuries, yet there are psychological and emotional injuries also. These are often wrongly discounted because what many people don’t realize is that emotional and psychological damage tends to be more costly when it comes to the short-term impact, while physical injuries cost more over the long run as they can impact a person’s health and well-being for life. When someone is a victim of domestic violence, they need help, and the attorneys at Blatzlawminnesota.com can be of assistance.

Physical, psychological and emotional effects of domestic violence aren’t the only things a person needs to be concerned about. In some cases, the victim loses his or her job as a result of their injuries or time lost from work, some find they need to move multiple times to avoid contact with the abuser, also friends and family may be lost as a result of this abuse. Sadly, some churches even abandon victims, as they feel separation or divorce is prohibited by religious doctrines.

Financial security is one reason victims often stay in a bad situation, but an experienced domestic violence lawyer provides resources for victims so this becomes less of a concern. There is always the risk of impoverishment, especially if the victim is older and has limited work experience. All of the above, plus the children, needs to be taken into consideration when determining what steps to take to remove the victim from the situation.

Children who witness domestic violence often have emotional and behavioural problems including fear and anxiety, disruption in their sleep, problems in school or psychosomatic disorders. Furthermore, there is always the risk of children continuing the cycle of abuse as they grow older.

Individuals who are in a bad situation at home need help, and a lawyer is one professional that can be called on. A domestic violence lawyer can direct the victim to other resources, ones that will help them to get out of the situation and move on to have a happy, productive life free of abuse.

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