A Family Court Lawyer in Brookhaven

A Family Court Lawyer in Brookhaven can be valuable when a couple decides to divorce. Of course, divorce usually requires a lawyer, but the real value is in the lawyer being able to help the party he represents understand the divorce law and what it provides for. Although the parties come to a decision to divorce with expectations of getting most of the assets and total custody of the children, the fact is the state has laws which cover the division of assets and custody.

It is the job of the lawyer to help the party he represents understand the law and recognize that if they want more they will need a very strong reason. While the judge will have some leeway, he will be very reluctant to depart from the law. There are circumstances which might compel the judge to make exceptions, but it will be the job of the lawyer to make that case.

Before the Family Court Lawyer decides to go the route of asking the judge to make an exception, he will likely set down with his client and hopefully the other spouse and their lawyer and discuss the law and why either party should depart from it. Some spouses believe that marital infidelity is just cause to ask for everything, it is very unlikely that the judge would agree. The spouse may be a bum but he is nonetheless entitled to his share of the marital assets.

It is possible that a handicapped child needs extensive and costly medical care. This will most likely compel the judge to increase the child support payments above the law’s allowance. However, an issue like this must be well documented. A Family Court Lawyer in Brookhaven will know how to do this properly.

If both parties will set down with their lawyers, and try to work out an agreement it is going to be much easier on both spouses. The more the spouse argue, the more they will spend in lawyer fees. It is so much better for the lawyers to go into court with an a divorce agreement worked out. Click here