A Good Defense Or A Good Offense

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Law

You may find yourself in the situation of needing an attorney. Whether it is for a family issue, a civil issue, or a criminal issue, having a strong advocate fighting for you can make all the difference in the world. You can feel less stress as you have someone on your side that knows the law and can present your case to the judge and even the jury if necessary. A jury may be necessary in certain trials and most often in a criminal trial you should employ a criminal attorney in Hagerstown, MD to guide you through the process.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, a strong criminal attorney can plead your case. Many times you feel compelled to tell why you did something and that may make you guilty or innocent. If you stole something, you may want to explain why you did that such as to feed your family or to help someone else in need. It is still wrong but your sentence may be reduced if the jury or judge feels sympathetic towards you. While you may have committed a crime, there may be a valid explanation for why you did it. Many times a murder trial boils down to a self-defense move or someone merely defending their property and family. If that is the case, then the jury deserves to hear a reasonable and well-thought out explanation. By hiring a strong criminal attorney in Hagerstown, MD, your case can be heard in a fair and even objective manner. Without that attorney knowing what to say and the arguments to make, the jury and judge may see you only as a murderer.

Having a lawyer represent you in court is one the most basic rights of a person in this country. When you are arrested and accused of a crime, you have the right to be present at the trial and to defend yourself. It may seem as though throughout the entire case your attorney is defending you but sometimes that is all that is necessary. Other times you may be on the offense side and striving to ensure justice is seen for a crime committed against you or your family. In this case, a criminal attorney in Hagerstown, MD will be the best person to have on your side. Not only can they present your case in a strong defensive manner but also in a strong offensive manner. The majority of attorneys will be educated in both but feel more comfortable being one or the other.


Hiring a strong Criminal Attorney In Hagerstown, MD can be the difference between you being wrongly convicted or having justice done for the party that committed the injustice. This Criminal Attorney In Hagerstown, MD will guide you through the necessary steps and give you the advice and direction necessary.

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