A Guide to Getting Documents Notarized by a Notary Public in Lancaster, PA

There are times when closing in on a vital real estate deal or issuance of driver’s license in an emergency scenario hinges upon the services offered by a notary public. This particular public officer is assigned the task to attest, verify and notarize documents and perform certain other functions directly by the Secretary of State. It is important to understand that the legal authority and scope of services offered by notary public varies from one state to another.

Folks living in Lancaster, PA, who search for notary services should be aware of the fact that the state laws permit notary public to perform seven functions and strictly prohibits him/her from providing services as a lawyer. Whether you need to transfer vehicle title, attest power of attorney documents or get notarized divorce papers, the efficiency and speed with which each function of this nature will get executed depends on your choice of notary public.

Locate a Notary Public

There are many lines of action that you can adopt to locate a notary public to get your documents notarized. Most people prefer to call in their bank representative to arrange for a notary public. As banks and credit issuing institutions have to get documents notarized in order to lend money so they often hire a notary public on their staff.
If you are specifically looking for a notary public located in Lancaster, PA, then the best way is to go through an online yellow pages directory. Such directories contain full record of service providers relating to different fields including notary public. In order to obtain more targeted search results you can always narrow down your online search by mentioning your state and city.

Getting Documents Notarized

The good news is that in order to get your documents notarized, you do not have to go through any red tape. A notary public mostly only demands a proof of your identity and often settles for your driver’s license. To keep a check on any mistakes that may be pointed out later on, a notary may also create a copy of your documents.

You should also remain prepared to answer some basic questions put forth by a notary public. The main object of asking these questions is to verify if you fully understand the contents of the documents you wish to get attested or an affidavit you want to submit. While most notaries often mark an entry into a register to record your visit, others are compelled by state laws to issue a separate certificate.

Signing of Documents & Payment

It is always recommended that you sign all documents in the presence of a notary public before getting them attested or verified. Where you are needed to sign documents in front of witnesses, you should make sure that you bring at least one yourself. Once the documents get notarized you need to pay state-applicable fees to a notary public unless he offers free services. Under state laws notary public in Lancaster, PA do charge service fees.

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