A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Boston, MA Represents Clients Injured by Distracted Drivers

Collisions between cars and motorcycles are typically caused by the driver of the car. They may not be watching the road and the traffic closely enough to see a motorcycle approaching. Cars making left turns in front of oncoming motorcycles are relatively common incidents. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Boston, MA can help injured clients make sure they receive the maximum financial compensation they deserve.

Cell Phones

Distracted driving has always been a problem, but the situation has worsened significantly because of cell phones. Talking on a cell phone is more distracting than chatting with someone else in the car. In addition, a passenger can point out an oncoming motorcycle that the driver has not seen. Trying to read or type a text message while driving is very dangerous behavior.

Verifying Cell Phone Use

Law enforcement records can verify whether a driver was using a cell phone at the time of the accident. A lawyer can also subpoena records from the cell phone service provider. Massachusetts state laws prohibit using any mobile device to text or email when a person is driving a vehicle. If a driver was indulging in one of these activities and struck an oncoming motorcycle, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Boston, MA will have a good case against this individual. The person’s automotive insurer should be prepared to pay for all related expenses.

Other Types of Distraction

Distracted driving has been a problem long before cell phones. While behind the wheel, people try to eat messy hamburgers, react when they spill a can of soda, and frantically look around for a dropped cigarette. All of these behaviors can lead to an accident.

Even when there is no solid evidence of distraction, an attorney from an organization such as The Law Offices of Burton J. Hass can use other details to prove the plaintiff’s case. If the driver of a car made a left turn in front of the motorcycle and the motorcyclist had the right of way, this in itself is typically enough evidence that the car driver was responsible for the collision. Visit their website to schedule a free consultation. You can also follow them on Twitter.