A Personal Injury Lawyer for Justice and Compensation

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Lawyers

There are many things in life people are willing to fight for. Although justice can be elusive, once it is captured, the feelings can be overwhelming for the victors. When a person is the victim of an unfortunate event, such as a car accident, an injury at work, or some other traumatic circumstance, the consequences can be quite devastating to the victim, and to their families and friends. However, most people accept that life can be unpredictable, and tragedies are heard of on the news in far-off places everyday, and in local communities on a daily basis as well. Nevertheless, when an accident involving a vehicle, or a traumatic event is the result of negligence, the victims often seek justice with fervor. They desire justice not only to receive compensation but also to receive justice for negligent behavior that often goes unpunished in society today.

Whether negligent behavior is a result of texting while driving, a supervisor failing to turn on a safety switch at work, a motorcyle rider running a red light, or a business owner failing to repair a dangerous crack in his or her sidewalk at a restaurant, the end result is the same, and only differs in the severity of the injuries, and the level of disruption it causes to the victims life. Although many people accused of negligent behavior often show remorse and may even make promises to the victim at the scene of an accident, this is the time to get justice with a Personal Injury Lawyer to quickly put things in motion.

Victims who are injured by a negligent individual often find out speedily how remorse and promises at the scene of an accident can easily turn into a complete denial of the statements made after the accident. They are often replaced with a highly combative demeanor from the accused, and an insurance company prepared with a long list of far-reaching claims to either significantly reduce compensation, or to pay nothing, regardless of the severity of the injuries and the chaos the negligent behavior has caused the victim.

Chappell Howard E Attorney At Law, is a Personal Injury Lawyer prepared to handle all aspects of a personal injury case, whether the case is settled or goes to trial, he is always prepared to personally fight for his clients rights. Clients pay no fees unless he wins their case, and he is committed to getting both justice and compensation.

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