A Real Estate Lawyer In San Diego Can Assist You From Signing The Contract To Making Home Repairs

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Lawyer, Lawyers

Owning your own home is a dream for many people, it is also one of the largest investments most people make in their lifetime. If you are considering buying a home, there are several factors you need to consider. The first and most important is the price. It is important to develop a budget and only look at the homes you can afford. The next step is to talk with a Real Estate Lawyer in San Diego. Buying and/or selling a home requires a tremendous amount of paperwork and legal documents. A Real Estate Lawyer in San Diego can assist you with reviewing contracts for potential homes. You will rely on your Realtor to find you homes or if you are selling, to sell your home, but you need a real estate lawyer to look over the offers as well as do the legwork to ensure the property is not under liens and that it is legal and safe to live in.

Real estate attorneys only have an interest in the legal aspects of real estate transactions, unlike a broker or an agent, whose primary concern is finding buyers and sellers. The majority of real estate attorneys are paid a flat rate fee, however, some may choose to provide their services for an hourly rate. The attorney will be able to review all of the paperwork and legal documents associated with the sale or purchase, including the closing documents and mortgage terms. Once you have found the ideal home for your family, it is important to continue retaining the real estate attorney. He will be able to assist you with information that is valuable after purchasing your home as well. For example, if you bought a home that requires extensive repairs or if you intend to remodel the home, your attorney will be able to assist you with the local laws regarding construction and remolding. The attorney will be able to provide information on any permits you may need, where and how to get the permits and if the work you are doing will have an effect on the value of your home and/or your property taxes.


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