A Rockford, IL Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Insight on Fair Compensation

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Law

People who have been seriously injured by someone else’s carelessness may feel eager to accept an agreement with the insurance company. They cannot work and need money. Bills are starting to go unpaid. These individuals may fear the insurer will cancel the settlement offer if they don’t accept it quickly. Consulting a personal injury lawyer in Rockford, IL, will let them know if the offer is reasonable or whether they deserve more.

Two Important Considerations

Accepting a quick offer from the insurance company often is a mistake. First, the person should reach maximum medical improvement before the insurer even makes a settlement offer. Otherwise, future related expenses might go uncovered. Second, the individual likely has no idea what compensation is deserved after an accident like this. A personal injury lawyer in Rockford, IL, can help clarify the situation.

A Surprising Disappointment

Some men and women are surprised to discover that an insurer has offered substantially less than an injury lawyer believes are reasonable. They understandably expect these companies to offer the amount deserved since paying claims is the fundamental reason for their existence. Nonetheless, these are for-profit businesses that would rather pay only what is absolutely necessary. An accident attorney knows the most effective methods for negotiating fair compensation.

Getting Started

Consulting an attorney at Shea Law Group will provide insight into what this person’s settlement should actually be. There is no obligation to hire a lawyer after the meeting, which can be held in person or by phone.

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