A Social Security Lawyer Can Help with your Grand Rapids Appeal

by | Feb 28, 2012 | Lawyers

If you’ve been denied Social Security benefits to which you believe you are entitled, do not despair. A lawyer in Grand Rapids can assist you with your appeal.

The process of applying for Social Security benefits can be tedious, confusing, and overwhelming. Add to that a situation where your initial claim has been denied, and the frustrations just seem to mount to a boiling point. Such was the case for a Montana gentleman recently.

The Associated Press reports that Michael Long says the he was having “a really bad day” on the day he attempted to threaten Social Security workers after he was denied benefits. According to Long’s family members, he had been headed to the Social Security Administration office with a gun. Police detained him en route.

Long received probation for the incident and is now prohibited from entering a federal building without the permission of his probation officer. He is also prohibited from having firearms in his possession during the probation period. According to the report, Long is working with mental health professionals and with a lawyer regarding his Social Security issues.

Though Mr. Long’s reaction was extreme, anyone who has ever dealt with the paperwork involved in applying for Social Security benefits can, to some degree, understand his frustration. Fortunately, Mr. Long is getting the help that he needs both in terms of dealing with the anger issues, but also in terms of having a lawyer who can assist him in dealing with the Social Security Administration.

You don’t have to have threatened Social Security employees to enjoy the benefits of having a lawyer help you with Social Security paperwork, appeals, and hearings. Luckily, you can find a lawyer right here in Grand Rapids who can assist you in filling out paperwork correctly and accurately or who can help you to appeal your claim if it has already been denied.

A Grand Rapids lawyer can assist you with all SSA forms, obtain copies of all medical records, help to prepare you for the hearing process, be with you as the hearing takes place, and stand at your side through any subsequent hearings. All of this aid can help to reduce the level of stress, frustration, or anger that can be involved in applying for Social Security benefits. In addition to relieving frustration, however, a Grand Rapids lawyer can also help your claim to be successful. When a lawyer becomes involved, it is more likely that your case will have a favorable outcome. Don’t let your situation get to the point that Mr. Long’s did. Contact a lawyer in Grand Rapids today.

 Social Security Lawyer Grand RapidsIf you are applying for Social Security benefits or if you’ve applied and been denied, you’ll need a Social Security lawyer in Grand Rapids who can help you. Goidosik, Morse & VanDeusen PLC put their knowledge and experience to work for you in helping you pursue your claims with the Social Security Administration.

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