Advice for Going Through a Divorce in American Fork

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Law, Lawyers

No one gets married and thinks they will later divorce. Most people who get married want to stay married. When differences and problems arise in the marriage, it can often lead to divorce. When you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences, it can be difficult and even impossible to stay married. When you are going through a divorce, the situation can be compounded due to custody issues and property disputes. Even with an amicable divorce, things do not always go smoothly. When you realize you and your spouse can no longer stay married, you will need an attorney to represent you for your Divorce American Fork.

The first step you will need in a divorce is to make the decision on your grounds for divorce. There are different reasons you can legally use for grounds. It is important you choose wisely because you will have to present proof of your reason. Your grounds for divorce must be able to be proven in court and must be a true reason that prevents you and your spouse from staying married.

When meeting with your attorney for the first time, he or she will assist you in deciding on grounds and on the terms of the divorce. Your spouse will also meet with his or her attorney and decide the on the same issues. Before the divorce goes to court, both parties will meet with a mediator and go through a mediation process to see if the marriage can be ended amicably and an agreement can be made on the custody of children and the split of property and assets. If the mediation process is not successful, the attorney will prepare for your divorce to be heard by the judge.

It is important you do not meet with your spouse or his or her attorney without your own attorney being present. Most attorneys recommend their clients avoid contact with their spouse, if at all possible. This can help you to avoid issues that could compromise your Divorce American Fork case and be used against you.

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