An Affordable Accident Attorney In TX Will Be Your Voice

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Lawyers

As cautious as we all try to be when we’re driving, there are still things that are outside our realm of control which can cause an accident. If you find yourself the victim of such an accident, you will need the assistance of an experienced Affordable Accident Attorney In TX. The law can be complex and even convoluted at times, so having a knowledgeable legal representative will serve you well during this time. During a free initial consultation your attorney will listen to your statement of the facts regarding the accident and will determine what the best course of action will be. Early on in your case it may be tempting to accept an offer from the insurance company, but these offers are seldom adequate to cover your medical costs and compensate you for your pain, suffering, and lost wages, so refer any offers to your attorney.

While putting to together a case in support of your claim, your Affordable Accident Attorney In TX will use all of the resources at his disposal, including paralegals, accident investigators, and others. At the same time, he will be negotiating with insurance company representatives in order to secure an adequate and reasonable settlement for you outside of court. This two-pronged attack will insure that, even if the insurance company chooses not to negotiate in good faith, your attorney will be well-prepared to take your case to court in order to get you all of the compensation you are legally entitled to.

It’s natural to have some anxiety when hiring an Affordable Accident Attorney In TX; you want one with the experience to represent you adequately and do a good job of protecting your rights, but you are also mindful of the legal expenses an individual may incur when bringing in legal counsel. You also know that it wouldn’t be prudent to try to represent yourself in matters like this, so you find yourself in a quandary. The good news is that your attorney will handle your case on a contingency basis; this means that there will be no legal fees unless they either win or settle your case. This should help to put your mind at ease.

The law office of David S. Kohm will work diligently to represent you and will bring all of their resources to bear in building your case.

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