An Experienced Lawyer Can Explain Your Rights Under the Residential Landlord-Tenant Law in Chicago

Various problems can develop during a rental or lease, and an experienced lawyer can explain your rights in regards to the residential landlord tenant law in Chicago. An example is every tenant is responsible for keeping the rented area safe and free of hazards. The unit should also remain free of trash, and the appliances should be used as intended. The landlord must perform maintenance on the area per the municipal code, or they could be fined. A landlord should place a security deposit in a federally insured, interest-bearing account in the state of Illinois.

Friends and family are always willing to offer their advice in a tenant or landlord situation, but you should always consult an attorney who is experienced with residential landlord tenant law in Chicago. If you’re a landlord, evicting tenants is not always an easy thing to do. There are laws that must be followed properly before evicting a tenant from the space you own. A landlord is not permitted to change the locks to keep tenants from entering the space without the proper eviction process. An attorney will provide the results you need and supply you with a complete understanding of your rights. When a landlord has a complete understanding of their rights, the opportunity for litigation is decreased in the future.

If you live in a residential rental that is not safe or is uninhabitable, your landlord could be in serious trouble. A landlord cannot permit a tenant to live in a hazardous situation. They must be made aware of the problem and be given the opportunity to correct the defects. If the landlord refuses to correct the problem, an attorney can give a tenant the information they need to get the problems corrected. If you as a tenant have been served an eviction notice, an attorney can explain your rights as a tenant. Don’t damage the area out of frustration when an attorney can help guide you through the process.

Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells has been in business for many years representing landlords and tenants. They have a vast amount of knowledge about the rights of renters and owners.