Are you considering law school?

Becoming an attorney in Alvarado is a rewarding career; however, before you jump into law school with both feet, there are a number of things that should be considered.

1. The financial burden:

By the time the student graduates from law school, the average debt load carried is $72,000, with students from some of the more prestigious law schools racking up debts of $100,000 plus. After graduation and passing the bar examinations, many lawyers can set off on a career path that will provide them with a comfortable living. Prior to entering law school, think carefully about the debt and the loss wages from three years work.

2. Three years of dedication:

Law school is three years if you attend full time, many students can only attend part time so the course stretches out to four years. These years are after the years securing the bachelors degree. Laws school is non-stop, social activities often come to a halt and for the dedicated student, earning an outside income is an impossibility.

3. High pressure:

There are a number of tests that are taken during the educational process; some of these tests are taken only once, at the end of a full year’s course. You must be ready to take these pass or fail tests. The tests taken in law school are one thing, to become a practicing attorney in Alvarado you still have to sit the bar exams.

4. Public speaking:

The mark of a successful attorney is his ability to comfortably address large groups of people. The lawyer must make presentations to prospective clients, judges and juries, arbitrators, witnesses, etc. A trial lawyer, in particular, has to be comfortable being in the position of having center stage in the courtroom. Just as trial lawyers need to be in control in the courtroom, corporate attorneys need to feel the same level of comfort and control in the boardroom.

5. Words are the lawyer’s stock in trade:

All lawyers must be excellent at communicating, adept at both oral presentations and written briefs. Lawyers must learn how to master the art of persuasion and persuasive arguing. The lawyer will draft briefs, legal memos, pleadings and other documents. A corporate attorney must excel in writing agreements, resolutions, indentures, etc.

6. The mind must be analytical:

A lawyer must have highly organized mind and be able to think critically and creatively. Every facet of law requires analytical skills regardless whether it is in developing a strategy for the courtroom or putting together a billion-dollar merger.

7. On call, day and night:

Clients expect their attorney in Alvarado to be available at any time, day or night. High-tech is deeply rooted in business and a twenty-four hour day is perfectly logical.

Most lawyers who are very successful work long, hard hours. Travel is a common occurrence when it is necessary to represent a client out of the city. If you are looking for a balanced life, perhaps the pursuit of a law degree is not for you.


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