Areas That a Family Law Attorney Can Help You With

There are no legal issues that are as complicated and delicate as those pertaining to family law. If you have a family law issue on your hands you will find that these problems can be hard to handle on your own and that you will want to make sure you have the assistance of a family law professional by your side before moving forward. You will find that a family law attorney will offer you assistance in a number of areas including the following.


Issues pertaining to divorce can be very complicated and a lot for anyone to handle. In these situations you will want to make sure that you have a family law attorney by your side to help you handle these problems and to make sure that you leave your marriage in the best financial situation possible.

Child Custody

If you and your partner are divorcing and there are children involved you will typically need to go through the courts to determine which parent will have primary custody of the children. You will also need to determine visitation rights or parenting time for the other party. You may have one parent with physical custody and one with joint, shared, or sole custody. A family law attorney can help you through this difficult process.


If you are looking to adopt a child under the age of 18 then there are many legal processes that need to be involved and many forms that need to be filled out. A professional family law attorney can help you with all of this and more.

Property Distribution

If you are dealing with a divorce then a family law attorney can help you with the property distribution process. The personal property, real estate and investments of a divorcing couple will typically be distributed by the courts and your family law attorney will be there to guide you through the process. The same goes with medical, insurance and children’s educational expenses.


If you are looking to get legal guardianship over another person and to legally care for a child and or the property of another (typically elderly individuals or young children) then this is an issue that a family law attorney can help you with. They will be there to provide you with the care and service that you need during this difficult and complicated process.

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