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by | Apr 16, 2020 | Accident Attorney, Lawyers & Law Firms

If you sustained injuries from a car accident and need help covering the cost of your treatment and other bills, then hiring an auto accident attorney Whidbey Island WA should be on top of your post-accident checklist, says the DMV. Not sure what to expect from that first meeting, though? Here are a few things to give you a solid idea of what you’re in for:

You’ll need to get the ball rolling by contacting the lawyer and setting up an appointment for a consultation. Prepare to be thoroughly interviewed during that consultation. Your lawyer will need to gather information and details so you’ll have to go over what happened as well as provide your lawyer with a variety of other information.

Medical information release
To build a case, your lawyer will need access to your medical records. Expect your lawyer to ask you to sign a form, giving your permission to get your medical records.

Insurance coverage
Your auto accident attorney Whidbey Island WA will need to know about your insurance coverage. That gives them a better idea of how much damages you can go for. And what kind of assistance and benefits you can expect.

Dealing with the insurance company
Your lawyer will also ask you about any interactions you’ve already had with any insurance adjustors. What did you say? What records or statements did you provide? Your lawyer will need to know and prepare a possible statement in case you unintentionally said something incriminating.

Current status of injuries
If your injuries aren’t obvious, your lawyer will also ask to see your current condition, as well as ask about the current pace of your recovery.

So consider hiring one. With the help of a lawyer, you can have the legal assistance and advantage you need to win your case and get the maximum amount of damages you’re entitled to.

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