Avoid Allegations of Spying With Advice From Divorce Attorneys in Centerville OH

TV, movies, and books typically portray a normalized view of spying on a spouse. Installing spying software or devices, going through their computer or phone, or hacking their email often seems to be the first step a suspicious spouse takes. These portrayals may lead to questions of what spouses can legally do. Read on to learn about the legal ramifications of spying on a spouse.

Can Spouses Look Through Each Other’s Phones?

Many times, spouses look through each other’s phones to answer questions about the other person’s activities. Knowing the answers while avoiding confrontation is the main reason spouses spy on each other. divorce attorneys in Centerville OH often use such information as leverage in contentious cases, and proof of infidelity may affect court rulings on custody, equitable distribution, and spousal support.

What Can Spouses Do With the Information They Obtain?

In Ohio, illegally obtained information cannot be used against a person in court. Furthermore, if a spouse knows the other person has gotten information through illicit methods, they may be able to initiate legal action. Such a spouse may be held criminally liable for Federal violations of the Stored Communications Act and other acts, or they may be sued for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

What Can be Done if One Spouse is Spying on the Other?

Divorce Attorneys in Centerville OH can provide case-specific information. Because all divorce cases have different complications and elements, it’s important to seek a lawyer’s advice if one believes spying has occurred.

What if a Client is Considering Spying on Their Spouse?

Based on the possibility of federal, state, and civil consequences, it’s best not to spy on the other spouse even if infidelity is suspected. Any information obtained may be disallowed, and a client may face severe sanctions. Instead of spying, contact an experienced family lawyer who can provide guidance on the processes of custody, alimony, and divorce.

One of the firm’s strengths is its ability and desire to listen to clients’ situations and provide specific guidance with their best interests as a priority. Whether a spouse is suspected of cheating or spying, they can contact us for further details.