Benefits of Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered from an auto accident, it’s in your best interest to hire an auto accident lawyer in Fredericksburg, VA. Regardless of how minor the injuries are, you may be entitled to compensation. Whether you’re a victim of an auto accident or you’re the one getting sued, a lawyer can stand by your side during these tough times and fight for you. No matter the situation, insurance is always a great start but let’s be honest, it doesn’t cover everything. An attorney can explain the situation, inform you of your legal rights, and help you to avoid a financial disaster.

Protecting Yourself From High Medical Payments

Regardless of how minor or serious your auto accident was, you probably have medical bills. While insurance may help pay for some of these medical bills, they often don’t cover everything. Not to mention that the insurance company will try to settle with an amount you should be paid, which is often lower than you think. An auto accident attorney in Fredericksburg, VA can fight against the insurance company to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. In addition, an attorney knows how to negotiate with other lawyers, the insurance company, and judges involved with your case.

Protect Yourself From Lost Wages

An auto accident may ruin your ability to work in the future, momentarily or it may even affect your business; these are examples of “lost wages”. The person responsible for the accident will be the one forced to pay for your lost wages, but they may not have all the money or may not be able to pay at all. However, an auto accident attorney will be able to speak with the insurance companies and the person responsible for your injuries and figure out an appropriate amount of compensation. In addition, an auto accident attorney in Fredericksburg, VA will fight for you in court and can help talk to your employers about your rights.

Pain and Suffering

While compensation helps you out financially, it does not help you in regards to the pain and suffering you are experiencing from the auto accident. In order to fully restore your health and well-being, you need enough compensation to pay for any counselors, doctors, or therapists you work with. Without an attorney, insurance companies will likely not take you seriously and you may as well be speaking to a brick wall.

The aftermath of an auto accident is often scary, confusing and frustrating. No matter the injuries you or your loved one are facing, it’s important to have an auto accident attorney in Fredericksburg VA by your side. Visit Dulaney Lauer & Thomas LLP Today!

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