Business Lawyer Handel On The Law Productions: Tune In

Business Lawyer Handel On The Law Productions consists of presentations that originate from the AM radio show. Throughout the show, Bill Handel who is an attorney in the Schaumburg area provides legal advice to callers. The callers contact the radio host directly to ask legal questions. The radio show is syndicated and aired on more than 100 different radio stations throughout the United States.

Legal Information

The radio host has a website that provides information related to business law and other areas of practice. Through his website are articles that relate to laws within California pertaining to numerous facets of the law. These articles discuss commonly asked questions that Handel is asked within his radio show. By visiting the website, individuals may locate information that pertains to their specific case without consulting a lawyer.

Ask a Lawyer

Within the website is the option for visitors to direct their questions or concerns toward an attorney practicing within California and other areas. Visitors may enter their question into an input box and submit them directly. The attorneys review these questions and respond through the website. A visitor may additionally review previously posted questions to find information related to similar cases.

Case Results

The case results of Business Lawyer Handel On The Law Productions provide information about actual cases and how the attorney proceeded within that particular case. This section provides information that may allow a visitor to determine possibilities within their own case and what to expect if they find themselves in the same situation. This information includes but not limited to personal injury, wrongful death, and automobile accidents.

Locating Legal Counsel

The Handel On The Law website provides advertisement options for attorneys. If you are looking for legal counsel, you may find your preferred attorney through these advertisements. The information provide informs you of which areas of practice each lawyer and provides contact information.