Car Accident Attorney And California Law

In 2017 in California, 485,866 occurred, resulting in 3,898 fatalities and 276,823 injuries. Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside (home to Temecula) reported the most car accidents. If you happen to be in a fender-bender or worse in this state, it is imperative you understand the applicable laws. Do not expect total support from your insurance agency. Instead, contact a car accident attorney – someone who has your interests at heart and not those of the insurance company.

What an Auto Accident Attorney Knows

In the aftermath of a car accident, several problems arise. While you may be able to handle the phone calls to police and insurance companies, you may not know how to follow it up. An attorney who specializes in this field can help remove the burden by letting you know what your options are under California law. S/he knows the two most important factors in such cases.

  1. Insurance: Although many states do, California does not have no-fault insurance. This means, a driver who is not at-fault, can pursue the insurance company of the at-fault driver and the at-fault driver him or herself for compensation for damages
  2. Negligence: California has a Pure Comparative Negligence Rule. This grants a victim who is partly at fault for a car accident the right to seek compensation from a negligent driver.

A car accident attorney knows a victim under the current legislation can claim damages under two categories. These are:

  1. Property: Governing the vehicle e.g., repairs, rental costs, lost property
  2. Personal Injury: This offers a wide range of compensation options covering, as it does, such things as medical, pain and suffering

Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Auto accidents in Temecula can be devastating. Filing a claim may result in some economic relief. However, the process requires someone who understands the nuances of the law. Contact a car accident attorney to reduce the risk of potential problems. To get daily updates, follow our Facebook page.