Cases Handled by an Accident Attorney in Kent County

An any represents those who have been injured in accidents involving other cars, trucks, or motorcycles in which the other driver is at fault. When the other driver doesn’t have car insurance or is under-insured, it’s even more important for the attorney to be able to have an attorney who can protect your rights and get you a settlement.

We are all taught in driver education courses to keep our eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. We’re taught to not pay attention to others in the vehicle and the distractions they may cause. However, many accidents have been caused by the driver of one vehicle turning around to deal with children, eating and drinking, or applying makeup while trying to drive.

Today, drivers have access to so many kinds of electronic devices in their cars, causing distractions and leading them to get into accidents. They may drop a CD on the floor or get busy finding another song on their MP3 player. Other drivers get distracted by their GPS device. Although these devices take voice commands and can give out voice instructions, that doesn’t keep a driver from attempting to program the device or adjust the settings while trying to drive. An Accident Attorney Kent County who represents you should have prior experience in handling auto accident cases that were caused by someone else getting distracted and taking their eyes off of the road or their hands off the wheel.

Cell phone accidents are a growing type of distraction-type of accidents that are occurring on the roads. This is not just due to people getting distracted by talking on their cell phones, but also but especially with the amount of people who are distracted by texting on their phones or watching videos or playing games. All it takes is a second to get distracted and taking your eyes off the road, and a driver can injure or kill themselves or someone else in their own car or people in another car. It can make a difference in finding an Accident Attorney who has experience in representing clients who have been victimized in a car accident caused by someone else getting distracted by their phone.

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