Child Custody Attorneys in Bainbridge Island WA: Factors That Determine Your Rights to Child Custody

Determining the person who will have the full custody of a child after divorce is one of the one of the contentious issues that a divorcing married couple has to deal with. Hiring competent child custody attorneys in Bainbridge Island WA to represent you in court will be a good thing to do. There are several factors that the courts will take into consideration when determining who should have primary custody of your kids or whether custody should be shared and the visitation rights that each parent should have. These factors include:

The emotional ties you have with your kids

The court will try to establish who, between you and your spouse, had the deepest emotional bond with the children. If you can provide evidence that shows your spouse was not caring and that you took care of your children’s needs, then the court may rule in your favor you.

On the other hand, if you were the kind of parent who gets drunk on a daily basis and arrives home late in the night, then you may not be granted child custody rights. This is because, the courts will want a parent who is a good mentor and who sets a good example for their children.

Your ability to take care of the children

If you and your spouse had good emotional ties with your children, the court may go ahead to determine who is in a better position to take care of the children depending on your past actions and financial ability. If you are more financially stable than your spouse, then you may get a child custody rights.

However, you may still be denied the rights if you didn’t show care for your children during your marriage. If you and your spouse are financially stable, then other factors are considered such as how far you went to support you children financially like paying for their school fees if that was your responsibility.

If you want to be granted child custody rights after divorcing, you will need competent Child Custody Attorneys in Bainbridge Island WA to help you win the case.