Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer In Centralia, IL To Discuss An Oil Field Injury Or The Death Of A Loved One

Serious injuries number in the thousands, including amputations, broken and crushed bones and catastrophic burns. While many workers heal and return to work, too many others are never able to. The very good salaries attract many young, healthy men – the group most likely to be in an accident. Many of these workers found that working with a personal injury lawyer in Centralia, IL was key to their financial recovery.

When the oil industry is booming and schedules are tight, safety regulations might be disregarded. Workers can feel pressure to work too many hours or with defective equipment. Government inspections may be cursory or not at all. Offshore drilling has actually become safer than onshore drilling since the terrible accident in which got may people killed. After the accident, offshore oil and gas safety rules were tightened. Many believe that the same attention should be paid to onshore drilling, which kills and injures many more workers, but generally only one at a time.

Most oil field deaths are preventable, caused by safety violations. Fatigue and inadequate training are often found to be involved. Some workers believe that worker’s compensation will take care of everything, but in many cases a third party holds some responsibility for the accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Centralia, IL will analyze an accident and determine the best manner in which to proceed, for the benefit of the client.

Olson and Reeves, Attorneys at Law have substantial in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Each Personal Injury Lawyer in Centralia, IL has a tactical advantage when handling cases involving the oil and gas industry. Anyone who has been injured in an oil field accident or who has lost a loved one in such an accident should contact a personal injury lawyer in Centralia, IL to discuss their situation and learn about the available options.