Corporate litigation and dispute resolution

Corporate litigation is an area of law where the focus is disputes between business entities. In many cases the disputes rotate around financial issues, property issues and contract disputes. An attorney who deals with Prescott corporate litigation is typically a business attorney.

Although a litigation attorney has no qualms about defending his client in court the driving force behind Prescott corporate litigation is an effort put forth in an attempt to settle the disputes without having to go to court. A corporate litigation attorney often is involved in cases which involve land acquisition as well as corporate mergers. In many cases when one company is preparing to purchase another company the company that is being bought out has financial problems. A corporate litigation attorney with help with the proposed merger; the attorney can negotiate contracts for the employees and making sure that the sale is consummated in full accordance with all existing legal guidelines.

Another area where a litigation attorney is needed is in commercial and construction litigation where partnerships are formed to undertake a specific joint venture project. It is necessary to establish the ownership rights of the partner companies, the responsibilities of the partners and the financial obligations.

Commercial litigation often involves the establishment of agreements entered into by employers and employees. In many companies there exists considerable secrecy in the development of products. The employee is expected to enter into a non-compete agreement with the employer which stops the employee from either joining a competitor or starting a company that is a competitor. Any and all information that the employee was privy to during his employment must be kept secret and the employee is barred from involvement with competitors for a certain time period. Companies also expect their employees to enter into confidentiality agreements which often include any emails or correspondence the employee is engaged in. In the event an employee should pass any information to a new employer or use it in any way to the detriment of the company they can be prosecuted for breach of contract.

A vital part of corporate litigation is insurance defense. In the event a corporation is sued by an employee, a customer, vendor or any other business the corporation turns it over to their insurance company. Depending on the significance of the suit the insurance company will retain Freeman Huber Law to represent them as well as the corporation in the case.