Criminal Defense Attorney in Providence, RI

Most criminal attorneys deal with legal cases once a individual is arrested, including an ongoing criminal investigation, pending, current, or past criminal charges, pretrial sentencing, court pleas and appeals, and any post trials of such an individual. A Criminal Defense Attorney Providence, Rhode Island does most of their practice in the defense of their clients.

A educated criminal defense lawyer will have a thorough knowledge of the US Constitution. They also need to be knowledgeable on the Forth through Sixth Amendments. The Forth Amendment averts against unlawful/illegal examinations of a person.The Fifth and Sixth Amendments allow a person to not have to say a word about themselves, so that they will not have to be a witness against themselves in a legal court of law. An example of the Fifth and Sixth Amends would be when a police officer read an arestee’s “Miranda Rights”, before being questioned by the investigator.

If there are no constitutional breaches, an attorney will strictly focus on the preparation of a defense case for the convicted person. A criminal defense lawyer will usually discuss a possible plea agreement with the prosecuting attorney, in an effort to negotiate an agreeable plea deal for the plaintiff. This strategy is used as an alternative for the client’s trial rights. Plea agreements of a lesser charge are settled between the two opposing parties, so the defendant will have a lighter sentence and conviction by a criminal defense lawyer.

There are five applications for the practicing criminal law which are punishments, retribution, deterrence, incapacitating, rehabilitation, and restoration. Retribution defines that criminals should be punished regardless of the crime committed. Deterrence refers to a restraint being carried out against the offender. Incapacitating means the criminal, should be kept incarcerated so society doesn’t have to contend with them. Rehabilitation refers to the criminal going through a rehabilitation program, with the goal of being productive member of society upon being released from prison. Restoration means being demanded by the victim for the criminal to serve time.

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