Criminal Defense Lawyers in West Bend WI Are Ready to Arrange Plea Bargains or Proceed to Trial

A person who has been charged with a crime can be sure that Criminal Defence Lawyers in West Bend WI will provide skilled legal representation and protect his or her rights. Sometimes those aspects involve negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney’s office instead of going to trial and pleading not guilty. There are times when a plea bargain is significantly more advantageous than attempting to win at trial.

For instance, if the client is guilty, and there is insurmountable evidence to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt, a plea bargain can result in a lesser sentence than would otherwise be the case. The district attorney might be willing to reduce the charges in addition to offering a lesser penalty, which is of great help to the individual in the future. For instance, being convicted of reckless driving is better for a person’s driving record and criminal record than being convicted of driving under the influence is. If the individual is ever charged with a future DUI offence, it will be issued as the first offence if the initial one was pleaded down to reckless driving.

In fact, most cases are settled with the use of plea bargains, as this typically is most beneficial for everyone. The court system tends to be bogged down with more hearings and trials than it can handle. That puts pressure on the prosecuting attorney to avoid going to trial. A person who is guilty of a serious crime has a significant risk of being found guilty at trial, which can carry much steeper penalties than a plea bargain would. In many instances, a plea deal arranged by Criminal Defence Lawyers in West Bend WI avoids jail time for the defendant in favour of probation. The individual now has the opportunity to get his or her life back on track without having to spend time behind bars.

Nevertheless, Criminal Defence Lawyers in West Bend WI such as Hetzel & Nelson LLC are ready to defend clients in court when clients prefer this option. As experienced trial attorneys, they have the knowledge and skills that are essential for winning criminal defence cases, and for convincing a jury there is reasonable doubt as to whether or not the individual is guilty.