Criminal Lawyers: Your Advocate in Court

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Lawyers

Being charged with a crime can be a scary situation. No matter what the crime may be, chances are your case could go to court. While it is possible for you to represent yourself in court, it is not advisable. There are many laws in place that require extensive knowledge in order to use them in the proper manner. You need a criminal lawyer that is more than knowledgeable about the law, and ready to represent you in court. If you have been charged with a crime in Southern California, it is wise to find a criminal lawyer in Orange County.

What to Expect from a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is your connection between yourself and the prosecution. Once you have hired a criminal lawyer they will begin building your case using the laws of the state and statutes that they have studied. They will begin by calling witnesses, and obtaining statements while gathering evidence. Once your day in court has been scheduled, your attorney will defend you against the current charges by drafting, filing, and arguing motions like motions to suppress and dismiss. Essentially your criminal defense attorney is there to help you navigate the legal system and understand how it works in relation to your case. They are your advocate and are also responsible for drafting, filing, and arguing appeals.

Experienced Criminal Attorneys Aid Their Clients Effectively

In order to represent you in court to the fullest, a criminal attorney must have written skills and oral skills that are superior. They must be able to present viable case information as they stand in front of a judge, argue and support their client’s case in front of a jury, and convince a jury to understand the case from your perspective. These are all important skills a defense attorney needs in order to build a strong case for their client. Legal strategies require creative thinking that is strong and analytical. This is imperative for developing a valid strategy, analyzing case laws, and litigating a complex case.

Being Proficient in Law Is Imperative

Criminal defense attorneys need to have a firm grasp of local, state, and federal laws. This includes court procedures, knowledge about local judges, laws that are evidentiary, and they must understand how to traverse the justice system effectively. It is vital that a criminal defense attorney and their client are able to form a crucial client-attorney bond.

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