Dealing With Pedestrian Accidents With Injury Attorneys In Orlando

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Accident Attorney

Thousands of people get knocked down or hurt every single year by passing motorists and if you are a pedestrian who experienced this, you should speak with injury attorneys in Orlando. Generally, injury attorneys in Orlando will be capable of helping you with various cases, regardless of whether you were injured at home, on the sidewalk or at work. Whether you are a pedestrian who has been hurt or a motorist who has accidentally hurt someone, it is vital that you speak with injury attorneys in Orlando about your options. Understanding issues surrounding a case with pedestrians will enlighten you on what you are entitled to.

Injury Attorneys In Orlando – Motorist Duties

All motorists should be aware that they have a duty and if this duty is not abided by, a case with injury attorneys in Orlando may fall flat. Motorist duties involve being reasonably careful on the roads, so that other motorists and pedestrians are safe from harm. It is vital that every motorist does not speed or ignore road traffic signs and warnings, because this could result in a case with injury attorneys in Orlando. If a motorist fails to follow these rules, an accident could occur and this will be analyzed heavily in a court case, so that a conclusion can be met.

Injury Attorneys In Orlando – Contributing Factors

Much like anything else, there will be numerous contributing factors relating to pedestrian accidents and how they become severe enough to get injury attorneys in Orlando involved. Examples of some contributing factors that injury attorneys in Orlando may look at will be jaywalking, inattention, vehicle repairs on a highway, distractions, failure to use crosswalks, intoxication and passing a school bus. It is possible that if a pedestrian is intoxicated, the injury attorneys in Orlando will not be able to represent them.

Injury Attorneys In Orlando – Things That Affect Claims

Aside from the contributing factors that cause people to require help from injury attorneys in Orlando, there are certain things that can influence a claim. Injury attorneys in Orlando may turn you away if you are a pedestrian that is walking or running on a freeway, which is prohibited. Also, reaction times will be taken into account relating to the speed the motorist is traveling. Pedestrians will have to sue a motorist directly if the motorist hits them while being uninsured. Contributory fault will be looked at by injury attorneys in Orlando, regarding whether the pedestrian is liable for not being careful, particularly on narrow or rural roadways that may be more susceptible to accidents.


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