Death Caused by Incorrect Medicaton? Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Lafayette

After a person has surgery, they often have to go to a rehabilitation center to continue their recovery. The staff there includes registered nurses who can monitor their health 24 hours day and ensure that they take the proper medication. Physical therapists can help them strengthen their bodies and prepare for returning to work. While people would usually prefer to go home, rehabilitation centers are better suited to help a patient safely continue their recovery. Therefore, it’s a terrible shock when a family finds that the person has died there.

If an autopsy shows that the deceased person received the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of medication, the spouse or children should contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Lafayette. The lawyer will file a wrongful death claim on their part. This will involve documenting the cause of death and then showing the trauma that it had on close family members. If the family breadwinner died, the claim will ask that all of the wages that that person could have been expected to earn in their life be replaced. While winning these damages won’t bring back their loved one, it will help the family survive financially. It will also help to ensure that the facility is more careful in the future.

A wrongful death law firm has private investigators that will find out how the medication mistake was made. They will determine if the mistake was made at the nursing level, the pharmacy center or even at the manufacturing facility. The lawyers at the law firm of Craig A. Davis know how to make a case against any of these entities. A family that is struggling financially may believe that they can’t afford a Wrongful Death Attorney in Lafayette. The first consultation is always free. The attorney will review the evidence and facts and determine if the family has a case. If they take the case, the fee is a percentage of any monetary settlement they win for their client. While most claims are settled without going to court, the lawyers are always ready to file a lawsuit if the insurance company isn’t being reasonable.