Defending Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence in Suffolk County, NY

by | Nov 1, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Discordant family matters that involve Domestic Violence in Suffolk County NY, are something many people have experience with. It’s a common issue with an astounding number of couples across the country. Unfortunately, the way victims and courts handle these situations differ. When an order of protection is issued for Domestic Violence in Suffolk County NY, there are things the accuser and aggressor should know about the law.

Orders of protection legally enforce a command for someone to keep distance from another. However, it does not stop them from breaking that injunction. When a spouse or children are in danger of close encounters with a physical aggressor, temporary orders of protection aren’t always good enough. More often than not, this order is warranted without having the means to contact the accused to receive the notice. It does not stop the order from being sanctioned. A lawyer for domestic violence in Suffolk County NY, provides much assistance in this sketchy phase of the decree.

Assuming the victim is in real danger, changes in the aggressor’s rights have to be dispatched as soon as possible. False accusations of domestic violence happen too. When an order of protection is wrongfully issued, a lawyer could be cardinal to rectifying the circumstances. Those complaining of abuse and being in life-threatening danger are taken seriously by the courts. That motto is good, but sometimes creates an atmosphere where the defendant’s word is viewed only partially. Due diligence may not even be granted to a person who pleas to false accusations. It’s well known that some people are capable of committing perjury to spite their spouse or person they cohabit with.

Orders of protection are the only area of law where a person can be forced out of a home without the chance to defend against the allegations. One who is in a quandary like this needs a lawyer who is gung-ho about defending clients. Defending a person who has honestly done no wrong is an arduous task. A fair trial is enforced with the right for testimony of the defendant to be heard. After the lawyer scrupulously assesses details of the case, the fine points that prove innocence are presented in court to exonerate the client.

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