Denied Disability Benefits Claims

by | Jun 29, 2012 | Lawyers

One of the first steps you will take after suffering a disabling injury or illness will be to apply for disability benefits through your local social security benefits department. In most cases, your application will be processed quickly and you can expect to start receiving benefits after about four weeks. Sometimes there might be a glitch and your application for disability benefits is turned down. Contact a good disability lawyer to learn what your rights are regarding an appeal and how to go about making a disability benefits appeal.

*     Ensure that you have fulfilled the proper requirements for receiving disability benefits. The main requirements are that you have been disabled through no fault of your own and that you were paying taxes while you were employed

*     You must inform the SSD office where you made your application that you intend filing a disability benefits appeal against their decision and that you will provide them with evidence needed to reverse the decision against you. Your application for any type appeal must be made within 65 days of you receiving the decision. This is why it is so important to contact a reputable social security lawyer to handle the appeal process for you.

*     If the decision was based on the manner of your disability and how it occurred or whether or not it is severe, then you will have to provide written records to show that your disability was not caused through any fault of your own. Your will be asked to provide any documentation from your medical doctor as well as written statements from people who know you and have firsthand knowledge of your disability.

Although it can be frustrating to have your claim denied, remain calm at all times and consult with a specialized social security lawyer in celebration who will work steadily through the appeal process. It may be something as simple as a mistake in your application that has caused your claim to be turned down and you just need to make sure that you give the office all of the correct details so that they can reverse the decision and start paying you your benefits.

A good social security lawyer will be able to evaluate your case in the first consultation and advise you or your legal rights and potential outcome of your case. The only way that your lawyer is able to assess your case is if he has all of the pertinent and relevant information available. Include a list of all telephonic contact and written contact you have had with anyone connected to your claim, so that your social security lawyer is able to move as fast as possible to get you the disability benefits you deserve.



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