Do you need a disability attorney in the Baltimore area?  Look no further than the Law Offices of Fred S. London, P.C.  Our disability attorneys are prepared to assist you in your claim for disability benefits.  Our skilled and courteous staff is prepared to help you in the initial filing of your claim today.  Our disability attorneys offer a full and complete array of staff and services to handle your claim for Social Security disability benefits at all stages of the claim process.  This includes filing reconsiderations of denied claims and appeals for hearings before administrative judges.

Once your claim for social security disability benefits is filed, our disability attorneys and staff begin accumulating all the documents essential to a successful disability claim.  Our firm then ensures that the social security administration has a full and complete picture of your disabling conditions.  The analysis does not end there.  It is essential to the success of a social security disability claim to present evidence of the effect of your disabling conditions on your ability to return to work.  We have the experience and tools essential to present an effective claim for social security disability benefits.

The best part about using our firm is that there is no payment of attorney fees unless you win your case.  For a disability attorney in the greater Baltimore area, call the Law Offices of Fred S. London today.