Divorce Attorneys Can Help When Difficulties Arise

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Law

Some couples are able to reach an amicable and mutually agreeable divorce without any difficulties. However, in many other situations, family attorneys in Austin, Texas, have their work cut out for them in helping divorcing couples through depositions, negotiations, and court hearings before any final settlement can be reached. If you are filing for divorce or anticipate that your spouse will be doing so, your divorce attorneys can serve as an invaluable resource whether you anticipate a quick and friendly resolution or if you fear that your divorce could drag on for quite some time.

When a divorce is contested and drags on for months, or in some cases, years, it puts a strain on everyone in the family, including any children that may be involved. Unfortunately, however, you cannot control what your soon-to-be-ex will or will not agree to, disagree with, or turn to the courts to seek a decision about. That is why having experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorneys at your side every step of the way can be so crucial. Your attorneys will ensure that your parental rights are protected and your interests upheld whether you quickly reach a settlement in a mediated divorce or if your partner contests everything detail at every turn.

Many Austin residents have followed the incredibly contentious divorce proceedings of Deion and Pilar Sanders. In the most recent episode, a jury in Collin County Texas has determined that Deion will have sole conservatorship of the couple’s two sons, while both parents will share joint conservatorship of their daughter. Consequently, a judge has also ruled that Deion does not have to pay anymore child support. In addition, the judge has also ruled that a prenuptial agreement between the couple will remain in effect despite the fact that Pilar’s divorce attorneys had argued that the agreement had been partially forged.

When your divorce attorneys can, they will of course, work to prevent every minutiae of your divorce from having to be decided by the courts, but even if that occurs, as seems to be the case in the Sanders’ case, you can rest assured that your divorce attorneys will provide you with sound legal counsel and aggressive representation in the family courts of Austin, Texas.

Whatever the circumstances of your divorce, you can count on your attorneys to guide you through the process and to seek your best interests at every juncture, whether your settlement is reached through mediation or in a courtroom in Austin, Texas. Contact a law firm with divorce attorneys who can provide you with the help you need to move on with your life.

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