Divorce Laws and their Implication in Spouses’ Lives

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Law

CT divorce laws have gone through changes and amendments. This is a maxim found in any kind of law be it criminal, commercial or divorce. These changes are meant to influence how people can apply for divorce. The law makers have been keen to ensure that the rights of the affected parties are not infringed in any way. Citizens have a duty to understand basic law concepts as they relate to divorce. Even if you do not get to know so much, an attorney can be of great help. You do not wake up one day and decide to separate from your spouse. There is a process to be followed as stipulated in Connecticut divorce laws.

  • Prenuptial agreements: These are key aspects of divorce laws. These agreements are entered into by a couple before they get married. The agreement stipulates how the two will split their assets in the event of marriage dissolution. This therefore stops any of the mates from taking undue advantage of the other once a divorce has been undertaken. When a divorce case is filed, the court will first examine a prenuptial agreement before proceeding to give a decision.


  • Comparative rectitude: Under this doctrine, the court tries to establish the spouse whose faults bear more weight. This happens where both of you are found to have breached the law. It warrants the granting of divorce immediately. However, property distribution can be affected. Nonetheless, most couples do not get to a point of contesting divorces since majority of petitions are granted. CT divorce laws do not in any way interfere in the rights of couples who have made up their minds to seek for a separation.


  • The divorce goes through: Unless there are complications in-between, divorce laws in the US provide for the process to be dispensed with fast enough. However, delays arise owing to the fact that some people take time to furnish the court with the required documents. The respondent too must be served with a copy of the petition. In any case he/she is an interested party. There is also a statement detailing how children will be taken care of. A marriage certificate must also be attached to the petition. You require a lawyer to vet and verify the documents you are taking to court.

The implication of a divorce is that you become officially separated. That means you are now free to pursue a life of your choice. If you are the children’s custodian, you have to ensure that they live, eat and dress well. With a source of income, you can pick up the bits and pieces and put your life back on track. So long as you keep up to the assigned responsibilities, all should be well.

When filing for divorce, you must first be conversant with divorce laws as they apply to your area.



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