Divorce Lawyers Negotiate Alimony and Child Support Payments

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

It’s a horrible feeling when a spouse is served with divorce papers, they didn’t see coming. Many husbands and wives carefully plan their divorces for many months or longer. They do this do get the assets they want, hide the assets, or build a case against their spouse. By the time a person knows they’re getting divorced, money and assets could already have disappeared. Many stunned spouses do nothing in the hopes that their husband or wife will come to their senses. This doesn’t usually happen.

Instead, they need to contact one of the best Divorce Lawyers in their area to protect their property and rights as soon as possible. The lawyer will know how to figure out the situation and how to get their client into the best possible negotiating position. Often the lawyer will start by hiring a private investigator to find out what’s going on with the spouse who filed for divorce. It may be that they’ve already set up a household with a new partner. That partner could even have or be expecting a baby.

These facts are not mere gossip. A second household and child will directly affect the finances of all concerned. If there are children involved, it could affect who gets custody and how much money is available for alimony and child support. It also will mean that the children will have to learn about a new sibling and infidelity. During this emotionally charged time, it’s almost impossible for a person to think straight and negotiate. Divorce Lawyers are experienced in these matters and can lead their client through it.



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