Do Not Talk To The Police Without A Criminal Attorney Burlington

In ordinary life, people who want to show that they are innocent and did not mean any harm are often best served by being as honest and forthright as they can possibly be. This is a good policy in personal relationships, but you can get into big trouble if you try to take that same attitude and apply it to a criminal investigation. Any time you are being questioned by the police, you are best served by making sure that you have a Criminal Attorney Burlington on your side and protecting your rights.


It is exceptionally important to understand that the police department and the officers who serve it are not required to be honest and forthright, and they will typically only reveal that information that they feel will help them further their case. They may make comments about pursuing many lines of investigation, for example, when they are really focused on you as the likely culprit behind a crime. From their perspective, they want you to remain cooperative and eager to keep them happy for as long as possible. Acting as if they believe a person is probably innocent is often a good way of getting cooperation from people who do not have an attorney to advise them that it may just be a trick.

At every turn in dealing with the police on a criminal matter, you are better off having a lawyer on hand to protect and advise you. You are frequently free to refuse to answer questions during an investigation, for example, but this is not something that a police officer is going to tell you. If it may incriminate you in a criminal matter and expose you to charges, you are always free to withhold the answers to questions that might incriminate you. Having an attorney in the room is the best way to make sure that you are aware of your rights and exercising them in a way that minimizes the chances that you will face charges.

Hiring a Criminal Lawyer is not an admission of guilt. It is just a sign that you are savvy enough about the way that the legal system works to know that you are better off with an expert at your side than you are trying to navigate it all on your own.