Do You Need a Lawyer for Auto Accidents Near Edison?

Vehicles are safer than ever, what with modern engineering reducing the damage that collisions cause. Despite this, serious injuries still occur, and they have the potential to be permanently life-altering. All it takes is one bad decision from another driver to create misery for another. The results sometimes include the car being totaled or require a lot of money to fix, hospital stays for driver and passenger as well as ongoing medical treatment. All of this does not come cheaply, and a lawyer is going to be needed to help with the aftermath of auto accidents.

When you’re in an accident, and the person that hit you has insurance, you probably think you’re covered for all of the bills. Nothing could be further from the truth. The insurance company wants to get you off its books for as little money as possible. That means it is going to attempt to get you to take a settlement before you can talk to a lawyer about your situation. Auto accidents can be complicated issues, especially when there are injuries and severe auto damage involved.

You may not think you need representation. After all, the insurance companies are constantly complaining about lawsuits driving up the cost of insurance. That’s to convince you, the public, that you should trust the insurance company to do the right thing. And it won’t. An insurance company loves nothing more than to see an individual with no representation. Having no lawyer to help signals to the insurer that it can play games with you for as long as it likes, making it difficult for you to get the money you need for your injuries.

Don’t let an insurance company dictate the terms. Instead, contact a lawyer for auto accident near Edison who can help you go against the insurer. The lawyer has the force of the law behind her, as well as the knowledge and skill to make the insurer come to terms. No more dragging feet on the settlement by the insurer; instead, it’s more likely to cooperate and work out an agreement that all parties can be satisfied with. All with the help of a lawyer representing you, the victim.

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