Do You Really Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Are you facing an immigration cast in Suffolk County, NY and wondering if you need an immigration lawyer? The truth is, it is possible to get through an immigration case without a lawyer, but the odds are definitely not in your favor. So, no, you do not need an immigration lawyer in Suffolk County, NY but you will definitely want one if you are want your immigration case to be a success. Here are some reasons why you will probably want to hire an immigration lawyer in Suffolk County, NY.

You Probably Won’t Understand the Law

One of the reasons that you will definitely want to hire an immigration lawyer is because you probably won’t understand immigration law. This isn’t because you aren’t intelligent, of course, it’s because immigration law is extremely complex and it takes years of study and practice in order to fully understand the ins and outs. Finding someone who understands this law and using their services can be the difference between staying and living in the US and being sent back to your country of origin.

They Can Fend Off Future Problems

Another reasons you should really consider an immigration lawyer is because they can fend off future issues and problems that can come from your immigration status. For instance, you may have a green card or visa right now, but what happens when those things expire? By using an immigration attorney from the start, you will be able to plan for these things in the future much more easily.

Statistics Will Be in Your Favor

You will also find that statistics show that using an immigration lawyer is far better for you than going it alone. In fact, studies show when using an immigration lawyer, that you have approximately a 75% chance of having a successful outcome. If you go about immigration on your own, that drops down to about 13%. As you can see, you will certainly have a much better chance of success when you have an immigration lawyer on your side. Though no immigration lawyer can guarantee a positive outcome, you should expect that they will do all they can do for you to keep you in the country.

Start your path to successful immigration today by contacting a Long Island immigration attorney.