Don’t Suffer Alone, Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile, AL

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Lawyers

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another, suffering physically is difficult enough. Add the pain and suffering with the financial burden that has now been placed upon a budget for medical bills and lost wages, and an individual can feel hopeless. A personal injury lawyer in Mobile, AL can assist in taking away the financial burden that personal injuries place on an individual. They do not require a fee for a consultation, nor do they require regular payments. They will only receive payment for their legal representation in your case if they obtain money for injuries that were received.

A lawyer can deal with the insurance company while an injured party focuses on themselves and on restoring their health back to normal. Fighting with an insurance company on the telephone is the very last thing someone wants to do whenever they’re seriously injured. If an individual is involved in a car accident, they may not have a car available to them for getting back and forth to medical appointments. The negligent party’s insurance carrier will make every attempt to limit paying out any money in damages or to pay for a rental car for the injured party. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Mobile, AL understands the tricks an insurance company will use and will be able to legally fight for the rights of the injured party.

Some injuries are temporary in nature. These are usually soft tissue injuries like whiplash. Other injuries like broken bones or permanent scarring or disfigurement are injuries that are permanent in nature. In some cases, insurance companies will attempt to settle very quickly. When this occurs, the money they offer will be much less than an individual could actually receive. It’s important to never settle a claim without first speaking to an attorney. Some injuries may require years of medical treatment, therapy and care. Lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills and several other financial issues can be addressed by a lawyer. Don’t suffer alone when they are able to help regain the finances that were lost due to an accident.

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