Employment Attorney in San Diego Gets Compensation For The Employee

by | Oct 21, 2013 | Bankruptcy Lawyer

Have you ever been hurt at work because of the negligence of your workplace? Have you ever been a victim of sexual abuse at work or have you ever been wrongfully terminated? An Employment Attorney in San Diego could be the person you need in your corner when you experience these unfair conditions. Employment attorneys provide protection for people whose rights have been violated by the company that they work for.

If you’ve been physically injured at work because of the negligence of someone, you deserve to have your medical bills covered for as long as you are suffering the injury. If you slip on a floor that was mopped and no sign was present to warn you of the wet floor, you should be compensated for your injury as well as for lost wages and mental anguish as well as physical suffering. If you are attacked in a public building because a door was left open in the building during non-business hours, you deserve to be represented in a court of law for the company’s negligence.

Some people are sexually abused and mentally abused by either the employer or other employees of a company. This should not be tolerated. An employment attorney can help you get compensation for the loss of your job and for the abuse.

Employers who badger and mentally abuse their employees in order to force the employee to quit can be brought up on charges and the company will be forced to pay for the mental abuse and loss of wages while they are out of work. An employee should not have to put up with improper behavior such as this.

Some of the labor laws that protect the employee include employers tampering with time cards, employers refusing to pay overtime and the employer’s refusal to pay workman’s comp to the employee.

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