Ensuring Against Infringement in Tulsa, OK

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Attorney

Have you written a book not yet published, but have found several traces of it in other works? Have you designed something and someone has come along and has taken your idea? If so, you may have a case with trademark or copyright infringement. Edward L. White PC, Attorney At Law of Oklahoma, takes cases dealing with Infringement in Tulsa, OK. His law office deals with copyrights, trademarks, patents, oil and gas royalties, and litigation. He wants to talk to you about one aspect of the law in which he deals, patents.

Whenever you design a product or come up with some new idea, you need to get a patent on it, lest you run the risk of someone else stealing the idea. Many people have gone to their graves whose original ideas were stolen by others, either intentionally or unwittingly. A patent, in the same manner as trademarks and copyrights, protects your ideas and products as your own. Such articles as these are referred to as intellectual property.

Because seldom will an organization or potential buyer sign on board with your idea or product with you first disclosing it to them, it is necessary for you to protect your interests with a patent. To ensure against infringement upon your idea, you need to get one of various types of patents, utility, design or provisional. Most inventions will eventually need a utility patent for your sufficient protection. Usually the first step in securing your patent is in what is called a patent search.

Edward L. White will give you an opinion after doing a patent search on the idea you disclose for a small, fixed fee. The firm will help you come up with a marketing strategy for your idea to get it out in the public arena. Whatever your needs are, whether for copyrights, trademarks, patents or representation, Edward L. White PC, Attorney at Law will help you get the results you seek. Because a lot of the larger cities don’t have registered patent attorneys, his law firm serves areas as far away as New Mexico. If you want to ensure against Infringement in Tulsa, OK, call on the law firm of Edward L. White PC, Attorney at Law by visiting their website.

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