Evaluating The Risks Associated With Dog Bites In Queens, NY

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In New York, pet owners are required to maintain control over their dogs. These requirements reduce the potential for personal injuries. They include a local leash and enclosure requirements that prevent dogs from running loose in neighborhoods. Attorneys help victims who sustain Dog bites in the Queens NY area due to noncompliance with these laws.

The Risks of Rabies Infection

All pet owners are required to keep their dogs up to date on their vaccinations. These requirements reduce the potential for rabies infections. The disease is potentially fatal for both dogs and humans. Unfortunately, there aren’t tests that could confirm the presence of rabies in dogs until they begin to exhibit signs. For this reason, at any time that a dog bite is reported, animal control enforces rabies and animal attack laws by requiring a 12-day quarantine period for the animal.

Permanent Injuries and Disabilities

Victims that sustain permanent injuries or disabilities after a dog attack are presented with serious challenges. For some victims, they are unable to return to work. This prevents them from supporting their families financially. If the court determines that the pet owner is liable for their injuries, the pet owner could face larger payment requirements. If the pet owner had previous knowledge of aggressive or dangerous behaviors, the strict liability laws would apply.

These laws require the pet owner to provide monetary coverage for medical treatments and a settlement. The settlement could equate to the cost of future medical care. Dog Bites could lead to the loss of limbs or the ability to use these limbs. For this reason, the settlement also includes wages that the victim will lose based on their condition and current status.

Determining If the Animal is a Risk to the Public

The quarantine period determines if the animal is a risk to the public. If the animal exhibits signs of rabies, it is put down. If it exhibits aggressive behavior that could lead to further injuries, the animal control officer reports these conditions to the court for further consideration.

In New York, pet owners are responsible for the actions of their animals. In terms of dogs, certain breeds could be considered more dangerous than others. If the animal in question is among these known breeds, the court may require euthanization after the attack. Victims who sustain Dog Bites in Queens NY should visit an attorney promptly.

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