Failure to Stop Leads to Accident

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Legal Services

Whether on I-10 or residential roads, whenever you are out driving, there is always the risk of being in a wreck. If you are in a car accident that is not your fault, it is important that you consult with a personal injury lawyer who serves the Lake Charles area as soon as possible. Not only can your car accident lawyer ensure that you are well informed regarding your legal options, but your injury lawyer will also thoroughly investigate your case to determine whether any third parties share in any of the liability. This will enable you to pursue the maximum amount of compensation for which you might be eligible.

While your may discover that your accident was caused by a defective part or a poorly manufactured safety device, in most cases, any car accident that causes you serious injury will have resulted from driver error, negligence, or recklessness. For example, a woman was recently sent to the hospital after being hit by another driver who failed to stop at a stop sign. The woman’s vehicle flipped into a ditch after being hit by the Lincoln Town Car whose driver did not make the necessary stop at a stop sign. Emergency crews had to extricate the woman from her flipped vehicle before transporting her to a local hospital for treatment following the accident. According to the police report, the driver of the town car was cited for careless driving and failure to stop. After the accident, that driver was taken to the hospital complaining of neck pain.

Whether your car accident was caused by someone who failed to stop at a stop sign, someone traveling at excessive speeds, or some other form of negligence or carelessness, your personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly in an effort to obtain whatever remuneration you may be due. What is more, your car accident lawyer will serve as a strong advocate on your behalf when it comes to negotiating with any insurance companies, healthcare providers, or others involved with your case. Knowing that you have such an ally can help to alleviate much of the stress and worry that you may have been experiencing so that you can focus on your recovery.

Of course, the only way to benefit from such efforts is to make a call to a as soon as you can. Your lawyer will want to be able to investigate the accident scene and any vehicles involved in a timely fashion, so contact you’re a lawyer today to arrange for an initial consultation.

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