Filing a Lawsuit with a Personal Injury Lawyer Manhattan KS

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Lawyer

Life can bring about a number of difficult situations and one of these may involve a serious accident. If you are the victim of serious injuries, you will want to learn what is involved in filing a lawsuit. The first order of business is to contact a personal injury lawyer in Manhattan KS to assist you.

What does the Plaintiff do?

As the injured person, you will be referred to as the plaintiff in the lawsuit. This plaintiff is responsible for beginning the lawsuit process by listing the allegations and charges against the defendant. These should be reviewed by the attorney to make certain these laws have been broken by the defendant.

Once the personal injury lawyer Manhattan KS has reviewed the charges to the defendant by the plaintiff, the lawsuit will be served to the defending party. The response should be issued within 30 days by the defendant and this will allow the process of the lawsuit to begin between the parties involved.

The Discovery Process

The reason the plaintiff is filing the lawsuit is to recover money due to the accident. This will likely involve money lost due to medical bills or time lost from work. The time to prove these losses and to work to prove the case is during the discovery process. This will include a number of exchanges between the plaintiff and defendant.

Written interrogatories will allow either or both parties to respond to questions that are specifically asked to either party during the case. These should be responded to with concise answers to assist in building a stronger case.

The requests for production documents will allow the perfect time for the plaintiff to turn in written documentation proving his or her case. This is the best time to provide receipts for medical costs or time that is lost from work.

Finally, once the evidence has been gathered this will assist in preparing the case for court. It is also possible the case may be settled at mediation and if not the case will go to court. Visit the website for more assistance regarding filing a lawsuit.

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