Filing For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy In Tucson

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Attorney

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Tucson is available through the Neff and Griffith Law Firm. This law firm handles cases that relate to debt-relief, real estate litigation, and real property purchases. With this knowledge base, these attorneys can present you with options associated with foreclosures and seizes. By filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you will avoid foreclosure and seize of your property.

Filing Chapter 11

If you are facing a property foreclosure or seizure due to late payments, it is beneficial to you to file a bankruptcy claim. Through this process, your selected attorney can present you with an effective option that will legally prevent these adverse occurrences. In your claim, it is possible for you to include these properties to secure them and prevent your mortgage lender from filing a foreclosure.

Reorganize Your Debts

Filing bankruptcy prevents collection agencies from harassing you. Your selected attorney can discuss your finances with your creditors to enable them to understand that you are filing for bankruptcy. He or she can negotiate with your creditors to lower your overall costs and assist you in including them in your claim.

Any settlements that are created by your preferred attorney are included in your claim. Your attorney will document these settlements to provide proof of these agreements. This will prevent the creditor from changing this amount at a later time.


Your attorney will evaluate any probable discharges for your debts. Credit card debts are often discharged through a bankruptcy claim. However, eligibility requirements may imply that these accounts must range under a specific value. Your attorney will review these debts to determine whether the debts are eligible for discharge. Ultimately, it is up to the judge who is assigned to your case to determine eligibility.


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