Finding a Child Custody Attorney in Sierra Vista, Arizona

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When a parent in Sierra Vista, AZ is granted physical custody of the child/children in a divorce proceeding, they must be in a position to provide all the necessities that are needed for raising the child. Making sure food, clothing and shelter can be provided by the custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent has insurance on their jobs they may be asked to provide medical insurance coverage on the children. This is a very sad time for all parties that are involved. The child custody attorney and court systems in Sierra Vista, are trying to make it go as smoothly as possible for the sake of the children. They will need time to adjust to their new way of living.

The parent who has the children most of the time will be labeled as the primary one and who makes the decisions about the child/children education, health and religious beliefs. Some parents have agreed on making those types of decisions together to ensure the best interest of the child/children are being considered. Once a child custody hearing is final it has all details concerning the rights of the non-custodial parent. Such as:

1 Visitations

2 Holidays

3 Amount of financial support that must be provided by the non-custodial parent.

In today’s society just because a woman may be the mother of the child/children does not mean that she will automatically get granted custody of the child/children in Sierra Vista. There are a lot of perspectives that must be reviewed before a verdict is given. And the same goes for the father who may have a better income. One of the parents may not be suitable for custody because of the lifestyle they live. Issues of this magnitude can result to losing custody of your child/children:

1 Addiction to illegal, prescribed drugs or alcohol.

2 Criminal history past or current.

3 No income to care for the child/children.

4 Abuse if you are the aggressive party.

5 Inadequate housing, not clean or safe for the child/children.

But just because you have received a final judgment in the child custody case does not guarantee that the non-custodial or custodial parent will follow the ruling. At times one or both parents fail to comply with the court order. Causing both parties to have to return to court for further instructions or sometimes actions. As the child/children grow older the child custody order or child support payments in Sierra Vista, Arizona may be revised depending on the situation. A parent can get a higher paying job or lose their job or the child/children are getting older and it is more expensive to provide for them and their necessities. Things like this will determine if the child support will increase or decrease. Each case can be reviewed after 3 or more years. Consult your local child custody attorney for more information.

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