Finding a Good Probate Attorney in Chicago, IL

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Lawyers

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a stressful time. Don’t make this time even more stressful by not being able to get the wishes expressed in the deceased loved one’s will carried out. Probate is the legal process to deal with all problems associated with wills and contests to wills or estates. A good probate lawyer or probate litigator can greatly reduce your stress levels. Here is how to find a good Probate Attorney in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas.

Ask for Recommendations

The chances are slim that you know anyone that recently went through probate court or the settlement of a deceased loved one’s estate. However, if you do know anyone that you trust that went through this, discreetly ask for a recommendation. If you already have a lawyer for other legal purposes, ask him or her for a probate lawyer recommendation.

Check with the Illinois State Bar Association

The website of the Illinois State Bar Association contains a feature open to the general public called “IllinoisLawyerFinder.” There are over 30,000 lawyers listed in this directory. Attorneys practicing in Illinois do not have to join the Illinois State Bar Association or be listed on their website, but doing do shows a deep level of commitment to their profession and that they are willing to be open to public scrutiny.

Consider Unusual But Needed Extras

Is English not your primary language? Then you may want to look for a probate litigator that is bilingual or has members of staff that speaks your native language. If you live in one state but the probate court is located in another, will this be a problem for your potential attorney? Is he or she allowed to practice in more than one state?

Interview the Lawyer

It’s best to schedule a personal meeting with your potential lawyer before you hire one. This is a good time to ask any questions you have, discover the probate attorney’s fees and see what kind of person the attorney is like. Before you make an appointment, find out if this consultation is free or if a fee is involved.

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