Finding a Lawyer to get Help With Your Insurance Claim

Getting into Auto Accidents in St. Louis is just the beginning of a long haul back to normalcy. There are a host of issues that have to be dealt with after the fact and none of them are easy to get done. It’s made worse when you are on the receiving end of the impact and sustain injuries. So not only do you have to deal with the loss of your car, you lose time at work, income for bills and the healing of your injuries. Insurance is supposed to take care of most of this, but oftentimes fails to do so.

After an Auto Accidents in St. Louis has happened, you’re sent to the hospital for evaluation. Some people are lucky enough to walk away with just a scratch while others have serious bodily harm that keeps them in the hospital for some time to come. The longer the stay in the hospital, the more the bills pile up, both there and at home. All because you were minding your own business when someone disregarded safety and ran into you.

The fact that someone didn’t bother to practice safe driving puts them at fault for the accident, thus bearing a majority of the responsibility. Therefore, their insurance company is the one to pay out for your bills, but that’s going to be the hard part, and why you need a lawyer for help.

The insurance company is going to be the biggest factor you’re going to be dealing with once you are able to. It’s supposed to pay your bills and work with the hospital, but you can be sure that the bills are going to come to you while the insurer drags its heels. This is unacceptable under any circumstance, but it is legal. It takes retaining a lawyer to force the issue and put the responsibility squarely on the insurance company.

Retaining a lawyer gains you a personal advocate that goes to work on the insurance company. She drafts a settlement proposal to handle the bills plus coverage for your lost income and more. Sometimes the insurer agrees, other times it argues. When the insurer argues, the lawyer has the ability to push the matter into court if need be and with a jury that’s most likely to be sympathetic to your case. increasing your chances of a win.